Ebola virus disease outbreak: incorporating ethical analysis into the health system response

The current outbreak of Ebola in western Africa has been unprecedented for various reasons, mostly because of its magnitude, its expansion across the borders of several countries of the region, and its propagation in capital cities. The outbreak initially involved no more than a few hundred people mainly in the rural parts of Africa, but by mid-September it had affected more than 5800 persons and caused more than 2500 deaths in four countries (mainly in urban locations). It is still not showing any signs of decreasing in intensity........

IJME Issue-1

Health equity for internal migrant labourers in India: an ethical perspective

In the developing countries, internal migration is a survival strategy for many labourers in search of a better livelihood and opportunities. It is inevitable that many of them will leave their home towns and villages in the coming years, and that the future will see an increase in the number of migrant labourers in developing countries such as India. Migrant workers face unique health problems and it is important for the health system to prepare itself to face these.

The SUPPORT controversy and learnings

Over the past year, the Surfactant, Positive Pressure, and Oxygenation Randomized Trial (SUPPORT) has generated yet another rich debate relating to the study of treatments that fall within the standard of care. This was triggered by the investigational intervention – the compliance-oversight determination letter (2) – by the Office for Human Research Protections...

Assessing capabilities in India today and the role of "outside" opinions

We have followed the exchange of comments between Dr Sankaranarayanan and Dr Suba closely and with interest, but also with rising concern that this angry dialogue will eventually harm rather than benefit the goal to which both aspire (and have devoted considerable effort and time)...

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